Sotai ho

Sotai-ho means:

  • So= Fix
  • Tai= Body
  • Ho= Method

Sotai means handling or movement of the body, to restore good health. Sotai balances the body, relieves pain and improves general mobility.

Finding the nice direction is the key of sotai.

It is a Japanese technique for postural correction that nicely complements shiatsu. It is based on the philosophical theory of Kenzo Hashimoto, who considered the human body as a dynamic architecture, whose operation is not defective when the living standard is healthy.

It consists of gentle exercises, combined with the patient breathing and movement directed toward the pleasant, while the therapist offers a slight resistance to movement by the patient.

It's a therapeutic method, soft and relaxing. Practicing and performing exercises Sotai ho, you can retrieve the correct alignment of the spine and achieve an optimal state of physical and mental health.

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