Tibetan bowls

The tibetan bowls have been created with consciousness and intention, are used as guides in ceremonial rites, astral travel, awakening of consciousness and healing of diseases both physical, psychological, mental, emotional and spiritual.

The sound massage with the bowls, is based on the resonance principle by which a more intense and harmonic vibration, spread a weaker one, dissonant or unhealthy. It means the ability to change frequency to another frequency.

They are a wonderful way to balance the chakras and change of consciousness from an altered state of anxiety and stress, into a state of peace, relaxation and serenity, inducing states of spontaneous healing and mystical states, raising our vibrational frequency.

At the physical level are used in the curing of any disease of our energy system to relieve the suffering and pain [including emotional pain], to remove inflammation, anxiety, stress, depression, sadness, insomnia and hyperactivity.

cuencos tibetanos
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