One path leads to another and I begin to discover different meditation techniques.
Most of difficulties and tensions that we experience, have their origin in the mind, and many of our problems, including ill health are caused or aggravated by stress.
The frequent practice of meditation helps us to understand that happiness is a mental state and therefore its origin is in our own mind and not in the external objects.

Meditation brings our mind closer to wisdom, therefore we will make naturally positive actions that not only benefit ourselves, also those around us.
We experience a sense of tranquility and wellbeing.
We'll know better handle difficult situations, we feel closer to others, we will be more attentive with them and our relationships will improve.

Swimming in crystal clear waters.
When the surface of the mind is agitated it is impossible to observe the fund. Everything becomes confused.
However, if the surface has calmed down then you can clearly see the fund and its contents.

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